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wife, ann, had to make an emergency landing in colorado this afternoon. the campaign says the plane had filled with smoke. the good news is that everybody on board is safe. lesli. >> we are certainly glad to hear that. ann romney's husband is gearing up for a big event tonight. people in las vegas are waiting for mitt romney to take the stage for a rally at any minute now. it comes just hours after the republican candidate released his 2011 tax return and his medical records. joining me now to talk about this is professor donald williamson with american university tax center. and professor, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> there are a lot of pages in these returns. what stands out to you so far? >> lesli, 331 pages to be exact. so that's a sizable return. and what stands out to me right now, you have a wealthy man who gives a lot to charity. looking at the return for a moment, he released a draft return back in april where he
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estimated he had $21 million in income. >> that was adjusted to $13.6 million. >> in fact, i would like to speak to his tax accountant about that. something was going on. $13million is the actual income of which $3 million was interest income. $3.5million of dividends. $450,000 of business income, mostly from speaking fees and $6.5 million capital gain. >> there's a lot of money included in this tax return, which is not a surprise to many. let's take about charitable donations. mr. romney and his wife earn that $13.69 million last year, which is less than the campaign estimated and deducted less of dote nations than they could have. they made $4 million in charitable donations, but they only deducted half of that. does that suggest they are more generous than we thought? >> the $4.4 million that we understand was donated is not on the return.
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in fact, $2.25 million. that's his legal right not to claim all the deductions. >> but there was a strategic reason for doing that, right? >> indeed. that is the conversation about his effective rate, which on this return is about 14.1%. which is in line with the prior returns he filed. >> okay, so there's been a lot of discussion about the tax rate that the romneys of the world, the other well to do folks in this country pay as compared to the rest of us. when you take a look at this and romney's campaign has not released tax return information for the past twenty years. they did give information that he paid 20% over the past twenty years. how does that compare to what the rest of us are paying? >> well, the average american, if you look at everybody in the country, the income tax, effective income tax rate is 9%. when you factor unemployment taxes for working americans, social security and medicare tax, that could go as high as 18%. and so you have a lot of lee
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way there about what is the effective rate on what return. i will say, lesli, that if he is saying the effective rate for the last twenty years has been 14, 13 percent. i can attest that is right. because they wouldn't have attested to it. >> there's no real, at this point, there's no real stunning news here. he's very wealthy and generous and that's confirmed by what you have seen. >> absolutely. thank you so much with american university business center. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> anita, and before i toss it over to you, i should tell you as for romney's health republican, the republican is healthy with nothing to impair any presidential duty. >> i heard he is taking a miniaspirin and something for cholesterol. thank you so much, lesli. the commander in chief made a stop in virginia. a swing state getting lots of attention from the presidential candidate. he defended the statement he made about not being able to change washington from the inside. peggy fox has more from today's
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rally in woodbridge. >> it was a commonwealth of virginia that elected barack obama. are you ready to do it again? >> senator mark warner warmed up the crowd about 6,000 democrats who received tickets to see the president person. >> wonderful. i'm a big supporter. i volunteer every day. >> the president started with a nod to the venue. the potomac nationals baseball stadium and the team they are named after. >> i want to congratulate the washington nationals for bringing playoff baseball to d.c. >> then the candidate got down to business. blasting mitt romney again for that remark about 47% of the population being dependent on government. >> i don't see a lot of fixings in this crowd today. i see hard work in virginia. >> the one thing that got everybody excited was his rebuttal. >> for some reason, my opponent got really excited.
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he stood up at a rally. proudly declared, i'll get the job done from the inside. what kind of inside job is he talking about? >> mr. obama said when he said you can't change washington from the inside, he was talking about the voters who elected the lawmakers to make changes. >> you're the reason, a young immigrant who grew up here and pledged allegiance to our flag. no longer going to be deported from the only country she has known. you're the reason why an outstanding soldier won't be kicked out of our military just because he loves. >> he fed in some of the stuff that bill clinton said at the dnc, which really, i think, bolstered the points that he is making. >> in woodbridge, peggy fox, 9news now. >> and first lady, michelle obama hit the campaign trail in our area today. she is due at an event in baltimore in a half an hour.
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absentee started today, including virginia. early voting starts in d.c. october 22. and absentee voting begins in maryland october 27. if you need to apply for one of those ballots in maryland, you need to do so by october 30. and if you want to vote for former congressman, virgil good to be the next president, you're in luck in virginia. attorney general certified good has enough signatures to stay on the ballot in virginia. another wild card in the presidential race, will president obama support for marriage equality cost him votes from devout african americans? bruce leshan is here and both sides get fired up today. bruce. >> two very different reactions from two very different coalitions of african american pastors today on this issue of same-sex marriage. the president of a united states who is a black man endorsed same-sex marriage should be put out of office and he never should have been
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elected. >> surrounded by clergy from around the south. african american pastors, risking his tax exempt status, announced a nationwide campaign against the president. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> and about same-sex marriage. >> i want the democratic party to know that you don't own us and you don't own black people. >> but owen's biblical critique of gay marriage is far from anonymous another coalition of pastors from maryland and across the country. >> this is an issue about civil rights. >> announce their support for marriage equality. >> you cannot be for civil rights for african americans. but not for gays and lesbians. >> endorsed question six on maryland's november ballot, which would give same-sex couples the right to civil
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marriage, but uphold clergy. >> we are here to declare our support. >> under obama, fate is under attack. >> conservative evangelicals think gay marriage could be a wedge issue for democrats. >> anyone who is struggling with homosexuality. i challenge anyone to find yourself a deep place to worship in god. >> but polls now suggest that maryland could actually be the first state in the whole country to approve same-sex marriage at the ballot box. >> we'll see what happens in november. as you said, very fiery on both sides. that's for sure. thank you, bruce. anita. >> tonight, you got a chance to have your voice heard about the future of more than 200 boards, commissions, committees, and phac k forces all task forces. according to the examiner, the plan includes things like the environmental planning
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commission, the gas station advisory board and the advisory committee on acupuncture. you can submit your comments on the plan to the city's office of boards and commissions about whether these groups should stay or go. of course lots of those comments around town this week have to do with three big stories. the new panda cub at the national zoo. the release of the iphone 5 or the nats clinching a playoff. that last one happened last night. and today, playoff tickets went on sale. now you couldn't buy them at a box office. only online. since we don't know if the nats will be a wild card team. you have five options for tickets. a tie breaker game, a wild card game, or one of the first three games of the national league division series. last we checked, tickets are still available for everything except game one of the division series. today is also the day that apple fans have been waiting a full year for. the day the new iphone 5 goes on sale. and people all over the country
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camped out at apple stores overnight. kristin fisher caught all of the excitement at the apple store. >> this is more important than the election. version 5 is biblical. >> mark is third in line. he has been camping out for 14 hours. but that's nothing compared to the first in line, a 25-year- old marine who has become something of a celebrity here because he has been waiting here since tuesday. >> at this point, it's just bragging rights. i just wanted to be first. >> what would you do if someone tried to cut in line right now? >> i would start a fight. no way. i would start rumbling. >> even with a line, these iphone fans are keeping it friendly. >> been meeting all kinds of really cool people. the apple store has been nice. people are bringing me food, coffee. >> and homemade fudge from the manager as employees pass out the precious tickets. it's hard to tell who is more excited. the employee or the customers.
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>> feels awesome. it's so cool. >> i love it. i don't know much about it, but i love it already. >> i finally got my hands on one. the first thing you notice when you hold it, it's so much lighter than the previous iphone. i'm ing to hand it back to you. if i drop it, you're probably going to kill me. ingly know where you work. >> is it worth the sphwhait. >> wait? >> absolutely. an experience i'll never forget. i'm going to mess around with the gps and go home and take a shower. >> kristin fisher, 9news now. >> some people aren't so happy about these new changes to the iphone 5. cnet reports one of the drawbacks with sprint and verison, you can't both talk and use your data at the same time. other people complained that, you know, you can't use your current accessories without an
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adapter. this adapter you have for your iphone 4s, can't do that with the iphone 5. the biggest thing for some, you heard the guy in the piece talk about it. that switch from the google map to the ones on apple's own application. some of the landmarks are misplaced, the directions are not always accurate. apple says it hears you. it understands. and it is trying to work on a solution. anita. >> a few small glitches it sounds like. very interesting. thanks. couldn't believe those lines. it's a good bet many of those new iphones will be pointed at the national zoo's new panda cub. today the zoo released this. what is called the best view of the five day old cub today. we made a circle around him for you, or her. just under her balanced on the arm is the cub. mom is grooming and the little one is stretching its vocal cords. it will be several weeks before we know if it is a boy or girl and following chinese tradition, it won't be named until it is 100 days old.
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is it free speech, hate speech, or both? i'm andrea mccarren, coming up, details of an ad you might see on metro. and i'm erica in for topper tonight. it's a mild night, we dohave the threat for thunderstorms in the forecast. here's a look at satellite and radar. nothing going on at the moment. that will change. i'll tell you when and where those storms will happen coming up in the full forecast. >> also up next, a move to put d.c. in a prominent place on capitol hill. we'll be right back.
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after years of wrangling, a small success in the district's fight for equal representation on capitol hill. president obama had signed a bill that will bring a statue of frederick douglas into the capital. that statue has been waiting in the wing since 2007. it will be the city's first statue in the hall that already has two representing every state in the nation. good morning america anchor is recovering from a bone marrow transplant. she received the marrow from her sister yesterday. roberts is battling mds, which is a blood and bone marrow disease. doctors will now monitor her
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for possible infections. her own immune system has been wiped out. roberts e-mailed her doctor earlier today asking when she can go home. clearly a fighting spirit there in that woman. >> absolutely. and everybody is pulling for robyn. you see people all cheering for her to pull through and get back on the air. >> she had a tough road. such a strong spirit. >> absolutely. we're going to talk about the weather now. you may have seen our erica grow on the weekend. this is our first time to formally welcome you to our evening viewer. >> hey girl, welcome. >> thank you for welcoming me so warmly. we have beautiful temperatures. i'm going to step out so you can see 79 degrees right knew on our weather cam. lots of sunshine. a few clouds today. the dew points starting to creep up. it's at 60 right now with those southerly winds. pulling up moisture from the south. there's a cold front on the way. in the meantime before that cold front arrives, it feels
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like summer out here. as that cold front makes its way toward us, we'll see the threat for showers and thunderstorms move in. this will be on saturday and after that front clears out of here, sunday looks good. it will be cooler and breezy as well. here's a look at our temperatures around the beltway right now. it is 77 degrees in vienna. 81 in college park right now. and 79 degrees downtown in d.c. all right, so satellite and radar shows that approaching storm system. you can see the clouds and showers and even some heavier embedded thunderstorms that are approaching. we're going to keep some of this energy in our forecast as it heads toward us and that will start to develop as we head into the late afternoon and early evening on saturday. we'll start to see this creeping our way as we head into the day. so here's a look at our future cast and that's going to time out the arrival of some of this moisture. it stays dry during the morning and even the early afternoon on saturday. it will feel more humid and
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also warmer as we head into saturday afternoon, but you can see those scattered showers and even some rumbles of thunder developing as we head toward the dinner time hour and this activity will continue as we head into the overnight hours, especially for the eastern bay and another line of thunderstorms developing here on the western side of the ridge and that could send in as we head toward midnight. after midnight, i believe we are all in the clear and sunday looks good. definitely notice that fall- like feel in the atmosphere as we head into sunday. for tonight, mostly clear and not as cool. it will be more humid tonight than it was last night. 55 to 63 for your overnight lows with those south winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it will be mostly sunny, but more humid and warmer with temperatures in the 50s and 60s instead of 40s and 50s we were starting out earlier. saturday afternoon will be partly cloudy. definitely warm. this is the last day of summer
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and then tomorrow officially becomes fall at 10:00 a.m. and it's going to feel very summer-like as we head through the day. the storms arrive along the ridge and also the divide first. you'll notice that increase in energy as we head into the afternoon. a high of 85 degrees in winchester. 84 in manassas tomorrow and closer to the beltway, it's going to get up to 85 degrees in downtown washington. 84 in andrews and 83 degrees in easten on the east side of the bay. so here's a look at the next three days. code yellow tomorrow. we will see that threat for storms late. this is not life threatening weather by any means. you need to stay away from lightning. it could interrupt your afternoon and early evening plans. on sunday, it looks much nicer. cooler and breezy with a high of 72 and then monday, a high of 70 degrees. here's a look at that seven-day outlook. the cooler weather stays with us on sunday and monday. only 70 degrees for your high with all that sunshine.
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tuesday we'll get back into the mid 70s and it will start to feel warmer on wednesday. but there is another storm system on the way. bringing the threat for some showers on both wednesday and thursday. so keep that in mind. may have more wet weather. we still need the rain. so that's good news there. but that threat for thunderstorms tomorrow night, some strong storms are possible. we'll let you know. i'll be here tomorrow to let you know about anything that becomes severe if it does. >> all right, i'm glad you are here. >> thank you. we have breaking news now. a man was apparently mauled by a tiger when he fell or jumped into the tiger's den at the bronx zoo late this afternoon. the 20-year-old man was riding the monorail. he sustained some pretty serious injuries. we're going to continue to follow this. >> that's right, lesli, we have an update on ann romney's plane. this is breaking news just happening. the campaign said the plane made an measuring landing after a cabin started filling with
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smoke. first responders in a still picture there entering the plane. this is a photo campaign press secretary tweeted out. she says the cause of the smoke is apparently an electrical fire. no one on board is hurt. mitt and ann romney spoke to each other immediately after the emergency landing. what a scary situation. still to come, a commuter alert about this weekend's round of work on metro. but first, a strong cup of coffee may be the first thing you need in the morning. a new machine is coming to the market to help you make it at home.
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maybe you don't have to go to starbucks afterwall to get your cup of joe. the coffee house is bringing a new machine to the market. it's a single serve brewer just under $200 and it joins kurig and espresso, trying to compete for your morning cup of coffee. general motors recalled half a million chevrolet,
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saturn, and pontiac vehicles. pontiac g6's. a transmission table can break and cause the vehicle to unexpectedly roll away. gm says it's going to mail out letters to know when to schedule an appointment for repairs at the dealership. you still have time to take the pledge to leave your car parked all day tomorrow. that's because saturday is the annual car-free day. according to car-free metro d.c.'s website. almost 7,000 people said i am going to walk, bike, car pool, or take mass transit tomorrow. if you are planning to take metro instead of your car, here's a head's up. buses will replace trains. it is part of the on going work to make it safer and more reliable. the medical center and bethesda stations will be closed. that work is expected to run from 10:00 until the system reopens monday morning. the interworkings of the capital are a hot topic on face the nation and this sunday, bob
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shaefer welcomes a former commander in chief for a look at the election of the next one. and bob joins us with a preview. before we get to which commander in chief you'll have on, let's get to the reaction of mitt romney's tax returns. what's with the timing? >> i have no idea. they have been promising to do this and now they finally done it. it turns out he faced about 14% of what he earned and he did pretty well. about $14 million. so he is paying at a rate that is a much smaller percentage than many americans will pay. so i'm sure that's going to be some blowback on that. i really can't say too much because i haven't seen this yet and after reporters dig into it, we'll have a better idea of what is in there, what's not in there. i'll guarantee you one thing, lesli, there will be more questions. the obama campaign will not let this die. they're going to find something to ask more questions about.
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so we'll just have to see what that is. >> that's a lengthy weekend reading at almost 400 pages. congress left town today, but not before both sides pointed fingers at the other. this was the blame game for sure. parting shots were feared, weren't they? >> well, i mean, this is just yet another and the final example for this congress anyway. there will be a lame duck session after the election. think about what they left behind. they weren't able to pass a farm bill as far as i know. this in a year when we had the greatest drought that our farmers went through since the dust bowl back in the 30s. both sides seem they need to do something, but again, the divide is so wide and so deep, even when they want to do something, they can't figure out how to do it. when i talked to bill clinton, and that is who the commander in chief. i don't want to ruin your surprise. that is the former commander in chief i'm going to be talking
5:28 pm
to. bill clinton sunday, one of the things i asked him is how do we go about breaking this gridlock that we have now regardless of who is elected president the next time? because nothing, nothing is getting done. you know, i hate to say this, but it's going to be a serious problem here. >> i think you said it right, bob shaefer, you have a full plate this sunday and we'll be watching you as always. >> thanks, lesli. coming up in our next half hour, a look at local restaurantrunning a foul of food inspectors this week. but first, violent protests around the world as demonstrators lash out against antiislamic films produced here in the u.s.
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there's a new wave of antiamerican violence sparked by a movie that mocked the prophet mohommed. at least 17 people died in clashes with police. protesters threw rocks. police responded with live amo. there were similar protests in india. now u.s. backed ads are running on pakistani tv. the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. >> so far, the u.s. spent $70,000 to run the ads. they may be coming to a metro stop near you.
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provocative ads that equate muslim radicals to savages. as andrea mccarren reports, their content prompted metro to put them on hold. >> this is america. you can say whatever you want to. >> the controversial ads read, in any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man. support israel, defeat jihad. >> throughout our history, people engaged in hate speech. this is the next generation. the ads come as violent protests continue to ignite over an antiislamic film and its depiction of muslims. protests that have already left 30 people dead in seven countries. including the american ambassador to libya. >> honestly, anyone that disagrees with me, i would take a bullet for their right to disagree with me. this is the beauty of america. the free exchange of ideas.
5:33 pm
>> in new york, it took a federal court order to allow the ads to run. a judge determined the language was protected speech under the first amendment. >> i think in the end, what hate speech really does is bring out the better people. strong communities are much better than those people that want to tear them down. >> metro has not rejected the ad, but notify the advertiser that it has been put on hold. a spokesman says that is out of concern for public safety, given the current climate around the world. the advertiser has responded by filing a lawsuit in d.c. in northwest washington, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> in recent weeks, the same ads have been plastered on san francisco city buses prompting some to deface them and remove words like jihad and holy war. >> 9 wants to know when res rants in arlington, prince georges, and montgomery counties aren't making the grade with food inspections.
5:34 pm
this week, russ discovered montgomery county restaurants got clobbered with one suspension after another. >> regardless of how nice the store manager is, ignorance of the law is no excuse. when you violate regulations designed to keep diners safe, you risk being shut down. that's what happened inside this quiznos franchise. this is the manager. >> just because we -- >> she didn't know, experts say hot water is a key to preventing food born illness. >> i didn't know about that. i went to the store two months ago. >> order to get a license, you are required to know you have to have hot water. why didn't you know that? why did you keep operating? >> nobody told me about that. >> here in silver spring, inside a complex that includes value village and unique thrift store. down at the end, a concession stand. inspectors shut it down, siting it for operating with no hot
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water. billy dogs on new hampshire avenue invited us in and we felt it. the water is now hot. >> that is getting hot. yeah. you have hot water. >> at larumba on price avenue, they wouldn't invite us in. according to these records, health officials ordered them closed so they could clean after finding a roach on the food prep cooler and mice droppings. in downtown bethesda, regulars were shocked at a suspension for veer vermin. >> wow, i don't know what to say. >> are you still going to go in? >> i'm going to change my mind. >> the cafe closed voluntarily after inspectors found 16 different food safety violations, including the vermin. still, the well-known bethesda chili spot has its loyalists. >> you like this place? >> yeah. >> you already ordered? >> we've already ordered. i'm not sure i'm going to eat.
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>> all the restaurants cleaned up, passed reinspection and they are back in business. we tweet this as we go restaurant to restaurant. you can follow us and sometimes some interesting moments. >> your mobile food suppressant. you are doing great work and i know your food alerts got some odd press this week, courtesy of your dopple ganger? >> either he is mine or i'm his. you may have seen this week on the anderson cooper show a mention to a resemblance to him. he branched out into his story, talking about talk shows last year and i guess it came up on anderson cooper's show this week. >> other people have been sending in photos like me. >> the guy on the left sent in the photo and said he stopped this guy, i guess in the d.c. metro. >> that guy wanted to be on tv. >> okay, that is comedy.
5:37 pm
somebody sent in a picture of himself with you thinking that -- you let him think you were anderson cooper. >> no, this guy said oh my god, you look just like anderson cooper. i had no idea three months later it would be on national tv. >> to confirm -- >> no relation. my mom says no, i don't look like anderson cooper. >> people like to say, you're a good looking guy. >> i hope it's a compliment. a health alert tonight that bolsters new york's decision to ban sugary drinks. a decade long study involving 33,000 americans find sugary beverages can interact with the genes that affect our weight. that means those sugary beverages can be a risk of people's genes leave them predisposed to weight gain. the study appears in the new england journal of medicine. still ahead, no scene from a hollywood movie. the last leg of the space
5:38 pm
shuttle endeavour. >> we have some thunderstorms in the forecast. i'll tell you when they arrive and how much rain you can expect coming up in that seven- day forecast. stay with us. and up next, you know this guy? how many friends of friends would it take you to get to him? a new twist on six degrees of kevin bacon. that's coming up.
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so you may have heard of the game, six degrees with kevin bay con. it started years ago. the theory being that bacon has been with so many movies that no matter who you are, you know somebody who knows somebody, so you are no more than six people away from knowing the actor yourself. >> google is taking this to a whole new level with the bacon number. basically you enter the phrase, bacon number and the name of someone famous you know and it will tell you how many degrees apart those folks are. all right, so we had a little fun. we wide led wittled down famous people. william devain appeared in the film, the hollow man with kevin
5:42 pm
bacon. there you are, three away. so i interviewed ashley judd last summer. she was in simon burch. he appeared in x men first class with kevin bacon and three must truly be the magic number. >> even though derek is off today, he e-mailed us to tell us he once interviewed danny glover. glover appeared in the movie saw with lee and then he appeared in the film, death sentence with kevin bacon. that makes his bacon number three, too. >> kind of creepy. >> it is. one post we saw on facebook asked if anyone takes more than three to get to kevin bacon and the game should be renamed. let us know your bacon number and how you get there on our wusa9 facebook page. only time you'll put lesli foster and bacon in the same sentence. coming up, meet a high school athlete who until a couple of years ago never played sports and is now fielding college scholarship offers. painkillers, can they be
5:43 pm
the cause of your pain? a look at a new study that questions how we treat headaches coming up.
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the space shuttle endeavour flying days are over. after 25 missions in space, the orbiter touched down for the last time about an hour and a half ago. teresa garcia shows us where it goes from here. >> space shuttle endeavour soared past the golden gate bridge during its farewell flight over california. spectators waited to get a glimpse. riding piggy back on a modified 747. it took off just after dawn from edward's air force base. it headed over northern california before looping back past los angeles landmarks. >> didn't want to miss this experience. we are really excited to be here. >> the final approach ended with a perfect touchdown at l.a.x. >> it is the end of an era.
5:47 pm
the kids are going to look at her and be inspired of what people can do. wow, i can't believe people built something like that. >> later tonight, these two giant cranes will begin lifting the 165,000 pound endeavour off the 747. the shuttle would spend a few weeks in the hanger before being towed to the california science center. but the 12-mile journey to the museum is controversial. workers cut down trees so the shuttle can safely pass through streets. >> i had no idea they would be removing beautiful trees. i'm sad to see them go. >> museum officials are going to plant 1,000 new trees in their place. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. gorgeous day there. >> do we have her to thank for this ?er cay, excellent friday. i'm loving it. >> i would love to take credit for this. we are going to see the threat for thunderstorms coming into
5:48 pm
the forecast tomorrow. that's not great timing. we love to keep the dry weather in our forecast during the weekend. it will be short lived. i'll tell you more about that in a second. let's take a look at that michael and son weather cam. mostly sunny skies. that will not last long tomorrow. we'll see an increase in cloud cover. the dew point is 60 right now. supporting the possibility of thunderstorms. as we head into tomorrow. right now, taking a look at our temperatures. manassas and leesburg, it's 77 in martinsburg and winchester and 77 degrees right now in hagerstown as well. and those dew points will start to increase even more as we head into the afternoon tomorrow. but right now in our weather headline, still feels like summer out there. some nice weather for us as we head into tomorrow morning, but then a cold front is on the way and that's going to bring us the threat for showers and thunderstorms on saturday by around dinner time and a cooler and breezy sunday is on tap. if you've been looking forward to more of that fall-like
5:49 pm
weather, that's what we're going to see as we head towards sunday. you can see here on satellite and radar, there are showers and maybe some thunderstorms on the way that are moving through indiana and ohio right now. the cold front in association with this is going to slide to the south and west, or south and east, i should say as we head through the next couple of days. you see that on our future cast. we keep it dry as we head into saturday morning, but by saturday afternoon, we are watching those showers and storms over spread the area and 5:30, boy, if you're heading out for an early dinner, it's going to be unsettled. make sure you bring the umbrella or rain jacket with you if you are headed out on saturday night and see some clearing in our forecast on sunday. you can see the sunshine return here on future cast. but for tonight, you don't need the umbrella. you might not even need a sweater. it's not going to be that cool overnight tonight, dropping down to 55 degrees and some of the outlying suburbs and 63 downtown. tomorrow, it will still be mostly sunny in the morning,
5:50 pm
but getting warmer and more humid with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. partly cloudy and warm in the afternoon. we'll see some showers and a storm possible by dinner time. all right, let's get a quick look ahead at the redskins forecast. lots of sunshine. it will be cool and breezy as the bengals are coming into town. low 70s as kickoff will take place at 1:00 p.m. on channel 9. over the next three days, we will see that threat for storms giving us a code yellow on saturday. code green for sunday and monday. just a little bit breezy on sunday. that's it. and then your seven-day outlook, it will be cooler behind this cold front. temperatures only right around 70 degrees for both sunday and monday. so if you want that fall-like feel back in our forecast, you're going to get it. it's coming back on sunday and monday. all right? >> pumpkins and that kind of stuff. >> great weather for that. maybe the fall foliage.
5:51 pm
i can't miss it. >> folks almost missed. they almost missed. i'll explain. west field high school football won several championships with several different kinds of players. this might be a first. the subject of this week's high school feature was done in by the family background. >> at 6'2", june has the perfect build for an offensive lineman. but his football story is one that almost never happened. up until four years ago, june had never even played a sport in his life. that's when he was introduced to football. >> i did not like the idea of playing in pads and hitting people. >> in fact, june knew nothing about the game. >> i didn't know what a linebacker was. i'm like, where is the linebacker? the guy that rides behind the line. >> football isn't a part of his koreaen culture. >> we know what it is, but we
5:52 pm
don't play it there. >> so imagine the surprise when june told his parents he wanted to suit up. >> they thought i was kidding at first, but now, they love it when i play. they support me. my dad comes to watch me every home game. >> bulldogs head coach remembers june's first season. >> he truly did not understand the verbage, the language, what was expected of him. you had to take this big teddy bear body and turn him into a productive offensive lineman at the high school level. >> june also had to change what he puts in his body. this season coach simmons implented a nutrition program that doesn't necessarily jive with the south koreaen culture. >> culturally, his meals during dinner are a lot of white rice, okay, and just a little bit of meat and really what he needs to do is flip that. >> it's hard work that is paying off. >> i like that.
5:53 pm
definitely saying -- he is being looked at by temple now. inexperienced, yes, but schools cannot deny that big size. west field takes on robinson tonight. and check this out right here. my ladies, got on the rg3 jersey. i like it. >> i'm sorry. it's something different? >> it's a part of our big game. >> we are cheering on the new show. >> that's right. we got game on. we have the redskins and cincinnati this weekend. south carolina and missouri. and i'll be in morgantown tomorrow, west virginia, maryland. >> and game on is saturday night. >> saturday night, 7:00. >> do we get to keep these? >> i'm t giving it back. i'm taking mine with me. >> game on. >> all right. coming up on 9news now at 6:00, members of the area nation are preparing to stage a rally on capitol hill tomorrow. we'll tell you how opponents intend to carry the message.
5:54 pm
>> political expression or a hate message. controversy erupts when a man hangs a chair from a tree. and millions of americans start to feel the effects of sinus infections this time of year. a big change in the way we treat them. that's next in our health alert.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
painkiller, the name itself tells you it's on your side combating your pain. could those medications be causing headaches to rebound? according to a british study, by taking over the counter pills like aspirin for your headaches, even if you did it every other day, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. women, five times more likely to suffer than men. about 50% of people actually go and get the diagnosis because they think their doctor will send them away, saying it's just a headache. >> in fact, these particular types are called medication over use headaches. the body reacting to some of the toxins. that's why there's a new push for doctors to utilize different forms of diagnosis to treat specific types of headaches. is it a tension headache, migraine, and to treat them accordingly. 45 million americans get sinus infections. hopefully you're not one of them. but if this painful condition does hit you this fall, you need to know an emerging
5:58 pm
superbug is changing the way sinus infections are treated. >> stephanie used to dread this time of year. during the fall and winter months, sinus infections seem to take over her life. >> there were times when literally sitting up right, that pain of holding your head up right was intense. >> like most people, nearly every time she went to the doctor for a sinus infection, she came home with antibiotics. >> the vast majority of people we give antibiotics, it's not really providing the benefit that we would have hoped. >> in fact, it's making things worse. the doctor is a sinus expert at ohio state university. he says up to 90% of sinus infections are caused by viruses, so antibiotics are no help at all. doctors prescribe them anyway and some bacteria are becoming dangerously drug resistant. >> we are creating a race of super bacteria, which we will not be able to treat. >> to avoid that, new guidelines are in place this
5:59 pm
fall discouraging doctors from over prescribing antibiotics. instead, the doctor says first, try to treat your sinus infection with a salt water rinse. they can be extremely effective. however, if your face swells, you have a high fever or your vision changes, don't ignore your sinus infection. >> seek medical attention early, but to go with an open mind that i'm not going expecting an antibiotic. >> chances are, you may not get one. as for stephanie, she had surgery to open up her sinuses and now swears by salt water rinses to control infections that used to control here. >> so if you get repeat sinus infections, you have to see a doctor. there are over the counter options that work with saline rinses to relieve the pain and pressure. this is 9news now. >> we begin our news with the battle for virginia. president barack obama rallied supporters today at the home of the washington nationals minor le

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